About Us

This summer, West United MethodistRing is offering services on Lake Norman each Sunday afternoon at 1:00 PM. beginning June 1. We tie up and anchor at 1:00 PM on Sundays during June and July. The meeting site is between the islands near channel marker MC2 at McCrary Creek.

The 30-minute experience will consist of a series of reflections by Andrea Smith. She is known for her no-pretense preaching and fresh ways of delivering the gospel message.

Andrea Smith said, ‘’West seeks to be a place where all feel welcome, where we are on a journey together and none of us have arrived. It is our hope to share the love of God through loving and serving others.”

While West will continue the 10 A.M. Sunday services at Lake Norman High School throughout the summer, these informal services on the lake offer the community the opportunity to enjoy the lake and worship at the same time.

Boaters can begin anchoring or rafting up as early as 1:00 PM. and tune their FM radios to a designated frequency communicated on site.

Contact Information

For more information see the “West on the Water” website www.WOWWest.org or call Conway Jolly at 704-660-9676. Rev. Andrea Smith can be reached at 704-662-3309 or email: andrea@headingwest.org.