Meet Andrea

Andrea Smith



My name is Andrea Smith and I’m the pastor of West UMC.  My passions are people and “being” the church… not just sitting around and talking about it.I believe ministry is something we do as a team and we are ALL in it together.  Part of the success of West is due to the phenomenal folks that volunteer their time week in and week out.  Everyone working together not only gets things done but it builds a community that is another part of what it means to “be” the church.  We focus on worshiping passionately, being intentional about growing in our faith through being a part of a small group, and by serving both within the walls of West and beyond the realm of West into the community and world.   I’d love the chance to get to know you. Drop me a note, text or email and we can chat and I’ll share with you more of who West is and listen to you share with me who you are as well!  You can also check out my blog.  Email: